Hi there...Ivana here...Let me ask you...Could you use more business? Meaning, more incoming lead calls?

If yes we can help.

You see, we have a system in place that has been proven to work many times over to get your massive incoming EXCLUSIVE leads by marketing your business through multiple online channels.

See Proof Below!

How it Works!

We design a complete online marketing campaign advertising YOUR business. We send leads ONLY to your business.  Leads are REal and Exclusive, meaning, real customers calling you or e-mailing your about your services.

Each campaign is set up to suit your needs.


 You are billed either weekly or monthly for leads.

All leads are tracked and we deliver monthly report to you.

It is as simple as it gets...

What is going to happen is...Once you are committed to working with us, we are going to set up a complete marketing campaign advertising your business using multiple channels where people are searching for services you have to offer. All the calls will be redirected to your phone number (using a special tracking in place).  Therefore, all the calls that you do get, are from people looking to hire you for services you provide.

We are result driven marketing company and get paid ONLY when we deliver results. But in order to get started, we need to make sure you are committed to receiving these leads and that is the reason we require to have contract signed.

Most importantly, if our campaign fails, we don't get paid.

What is a quality lead?  Any lead that calls your phone inquiring about your service, and last longer than 30 seconds.

How do you know that you received a lead from our advertising channel? We have a special tracking in place so every time when you receive your lead from our marketing efforts, the phone call is tracked and recorder.

How soon can you expect leads to start coming?  This can happen in a day and sometimes a week. Keep in mind, we do set up a complete campaign from scratch advertising your services.

Since these are real leads, it really depends on how many people call. However, YOU will get leads.

How do you pay us? We prefer getting paid by Paypal or have checks deposited into our business bank account.

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