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    Truth is, it does not matter how small your business is or in what market you work in, press coverage is needed to drive massive exposure, brand your business and receive lots of traffic.  

And listen to this...

  • If done right...

    In just days, press release can expose your website in front of thousands of readers. Plus, how about getting some local media coverage…Yes, more and more news reporters are relying on website feeds to find a good story to cover. 

That is NOT the Best Part!

  • YOU don't have to do a single thing!

    Yes, the best of all, YOU do not have to do anything except, provide us with details on your website or a business, with pointer of the story and we do the rest!

Dear Fellow Business Owner...

My name is Ivana Bosnjak and I have been marketing online since 2007.  I have seen many businesses struggle with their marketing efforts and back in 2009 I decided to change things around and aid them in marketing of their business.

So before we continue, let me ask few questions:

Could you use more sales?  Could you use extra traffic? How about getting featured in Google News and sites such as these below:

Yes? Great...Read on...

You see, there are few elements a business needs in order to succeed!  Besides having a product people need and want, you also have to put it in front of the right audience and that is where press releases come in.

Let me elaborate. Let's think about the news we hear.  We pay a close attention to the news in subjects we have an interest in. And that is why Press Release distribution is a good way to give you the exposure.

If a press release is written properly, expect to receive lots of traffic and calls just hours after it is published. Our professional and experienced writers do just that!

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    Once we have your details, we will write the press release, send it to you for the approval, and if all is well, start distributing the press release. Once the distribution is completed, we will send you a detailed report.

Press Release Writing and Distribution Service.
  • What is the purpose of this Press Release.

    Most press releases are distributed to announce some “NEWS” about your company. It could be anything such as new line of products you have, or something that happen.

  • Local News - Extra Exposure

    Most of the news reporters rely on the Internet to pick up stories. Press release can help you receive local news coverage.

  • Website Traffic!

    With press releases you also receive targeted website traffic. While press release gets the most coverage right after it is publishes, it will keep on getting exposure for years to come.

  • Powerful High Authority Links!

    Let’s not forget this important detail.  Your site is going to receive at least 40 high authority links pointing to your website. Which helps in giving the authority to your site.

  • Do I get a report?

    Yes of course you will get a report.  As soon as the press release is published and we have all the links in order, we will send you a detailed report of where your press release was featured.

  • Can I see my press release before you publish it?

    Yes.  Before we publish your press release, we will send it to your for approval.

Press Release Writing and Distribution Service.
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