Key Ingredients For Online Business Success!

Some people want it to happen-some wish it would happen -others make it happenHey, Ivana here and I wanted to talk to you about your business today. Actually, lets concentrate on the success of your business.

Just so you know, everything I write on this blog is based on my own experience and my primary goal with each post is to help you with your business endeavors. So let’s begin with what it takes to achieve long term online business success!

You need the right set up, you need consistent flow of traffic from multiple sources, and you must build your mailing list. In the upcoming posts I will concentrate on growing your online business, but I should mention that these strategies work for offline businesses as well.


So let’s start with the first step. Your website needs to have the right set up.  Over the years, I’ve bought many domains as many of us do, but reality is, you don’t need multiple domains to be established online. (Side Note: In some instances, it is good to buy multiple domains. Such as: buying another domain is good if you are looking to monetize your business and sell it fast – otherwise you just need 1 domain or if you are working in two different markets.)

You see, if we take a look at websites such as eBay and Amazon.  They provide all of their services under 1 domain.  That is why YOU need to establish yourself with ability to expand your services and build your brand.

When you are establishing yourself online, you must think of a brandable business.  You want to select a name that follows you around, because this can easily get you referrals and long term recognition.

Of course. Let’s not forget that you need to set up the right sales funnel, but for not we will leave that alone. In further blog posts we will talk more about sales funnels and how you should establish them.


One of the most common mistakes I’ve seen is  that most online business owners rely on 1 source of traffic.  NEVER ever, rely on 1 source of traffic. You need to build long term traffic sources.  Just to give you an example of a good traffic strategy:

Let’s say you have a blog post that you want to drive traffic to.  You can use social media sites to boost your posts.  Such as Pinterest site. Now, Pinterest can make your url go viral fast. BUT of course, if you have that same blog post, you can boost it even more with driving traffic from Facebook – which now means you have 2 traffic sources in place.  Now…on your blog, you have a way to capture your audience, which means you are building an e-mail list. So you have just put up 3rd traffic source.  Now based on your blog post, you can probably create a presentation and upload it to slideshare – and you just received  a 4th traffic source.

You see, it does not have to cost you much, and you can have 4 traffic sources established.

Mailing List

Now, one of the problems of online business, it is very hard to get those same visitors to come back to your site.  But, this can be fixed with building your list as well as branding yourself. You see, with e-mail, you can send notifications to your list instantly , but with branding, you will have people come back to your site.

So no matter what you do, you should always work on building your list. This can be done by offering something of a great value for free. One great way to build your list is by offering software in the exchange for an e-mail.  With software, people tend to give you their most used e-mail address. Of course, if you don’t have a software, give them something that they would normally pay money for, but instead offer it for free.

Now, I hope you enjoyed this post.  In the upcoming weeks we are going to talk more about traffic, lead generation, and increasing your bottom line! to your success!