How to Be More Productive and Cut Work Hours in Half!

Let’s face it – no matter how great we are at what we do, there are some days where you don’t feel like working at all and you procrastinate. Fact is we all have days like those and here are some tips for you that I’ve been using to be more productive.  I hope this helps you as well.

Weekly plan!

My problem is often not sticking to the plan.  I really dislike waking up in the morning without clear plan of what needs to get done.  So what I’ve been doing is, writing my weekly plan earlier such as Friday or late on Sunday.  Depending on my creativity and restfulness.  I write out everything that needs to get accomplished and leave it on that paper.

This works great for me for two reasons – I don’t think about all the things that need to get done and second, because I know I wrote it down so I will not forget to do it next week.

5 goals per day

As I mentioned, I write it out and leave it.  Now, on Monday mornings, I tend to break down my weekly plan into 5 things I want to accomplish that day.  Looking over my schedule, I select easier tasks as well as harder tasks. (kind of splitting what needs to get done and selecting those that I know will get done 100%). You see if I select all the hard tasks, I know it will NOT get done.

For me, I tend to enjoy writing in the morning or I should say until 2 pm.  That is when I am creative.  So I break my tasks into those sections.  When to do what, and prioritize my list.  As the day goes on, I do adjust, but try to stick to the plan.

Walk it Off!

Now, normally after 6 hours of being at comp, I get restless and tend to switch from one page to the next one, without really accomplishing much.  The best way around that – walk it off.  Normally around 1 or 2 pm I will get up and go for my walk or a bike ride.  That works like a charm, because once I come back from my walk, I am ready to put in another couple of hours of productivity.

Shut off destruction’s

Having said all of this is great, but there are 3 things that really distracts my concentration.  Facebook, e-mail and Skype.

So what has been working great for me is.  First thing in the morning, I check all 3.  And close down my windows.  Than I move onto my first task and work at it until it is completed.  Once completed, I quickly check my e-mail, Facebook and skype and go back to second task (of course) after closing my windows.

This works like a charm as I normally complete 3 tasks prior to my walk and 2 when I get back.

I hope this helps!