How I am Getting $.07 Website Clicks from Facebook! – DAY 1

Let me show you how I am getting $.07 Clicks to Website.  See proof – this is BTW day 1 – which I hope I will be able to lower the price even further down by monitoring and adjusting.  My goal is to get $.01-.05 per click because in this case, for $5 I can get at least 100 visitors to this site, and even with lowest possible conversions per product, I will get my money back.



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Ok – Let’s begin!

First, I am driving traffic directly to the website, and am running $5 budget per day. (This budget has proven multiple times to deliver the best cost per click!)

I have originally created 7 ads for this campaign and am now down to split testing 5 – two were giving me $.14 per click and up to .68.

Now, let me break it down for you.

Target market is – dating industry. (I am not scraping user ID’s for this one!)

Interests I am selecting are these: Matchmaking, Love at first sight,, Meetic,, EHarmony, Be2gether,, PlentyofFish, OkCupid, Adult FriendFinder or

Target Audience: Male audience – age 20-40 currently – I will be adjusting this in few days when I see how we progress.

Target Countries: Canada, UK, USA

Ad Title:Want the hottest Girl?

Ad Text: Free Course Shows You EXACTLY How to Seduce the Hottest Girl!

I am Bidding per likes, and I bid, more than FB is offering.  They suggested $.31-.60 – I am bidding $.67

This way I know my ad will be shown frequently.

Image for the best performing ad currently is this one:






Now, I should mention, First day – FB optimization does crazy stuff for bidding on your ads, so leave it the first day.  Don’t adjust anything (except to drop ads that are high cost per click), wait until you get to day 3 to see how you can adjust your ads.

When I say adjust, analyze who is clicking on your ads, and create similar ad with different text to see what performs better.






I hope this was helpful. If you need help and want get get started with running ads, do let me know and we can help.

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